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Now welcoming more than 1,850 patients from across the region, from Birmingham and the Black Country to as far as Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Staffordshire, our Cleft Lip and Palate Service was the first of its kind in the UK when set up in 2000.

Photo of a patient reading in the waiting areaCleft Lip and Palate is relatively common. About one in 700 children in this country are born with a cleft (a split) lip and/or palate.

There are three major types of clefts:

1. Cleft Lip
2. Cleft Palate
3. Cleft Lip and Palate

We know that in some cases that there is a family history of clefts, however in most cases there is no single cause. Nevertheless, a member of the team may be able to give you some idea of why it happened to your child. For more information behind causes, please see our information leaflet Why do Cleft Happen - Information for parents and carers.

The Regional Service for the West Midlands is based at Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust and University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust (Queen Elizabeth Hospital). Throughout treatment, the team works with other health professionals in local hospitals and in the wider community. Our clinics are always run on a Wednesday so please be aware of this when booking appointments outside of your child’s routine appointments.

We expect to keep in touch with children until they are 15-years-old at which point their care will be transferred to the adult service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – this process is known as ‘Transition’ which helps to advise our young patients of their options with their cleft care and possible treatment at the adult service. For any queries regarding the adult service, please call 0121 371 5026 or visit

Please follow us on our twitter page @CleftTeamBCH to keep up to date with the latest news and events occurring within the department. Please also see some of the fantastic feedback we have had from our families:

“I have complete trust in the Cleft Team. My child has been with them since he was born. More importantly my son trusts them and is happy with how he is treated.” - Parent

“Great team - everyone is very friendly and helpful. They listen to my son (as well as me!). Staff, from surgeons to nurses and all involved are very professional and kind. We feel safe in their hands.” – Parent

“Care when first born was exemplary. Help when feeding during and after the operation was fantastic. Super organisation of appointments!” - Parent

“I feel that the service provides a holistic approach to care for its patients & also has offered valuable information and support to parents […] Care has been well coordinated and communication has been good between professionals. Consultants have all been extremely professional and care about how their patients feel.” - Parent

“They all listened to me and helped a lot. It was easy to talk to them and they took all my worries seriously.” - Patient

“Amazing treatment. Friendly staff. Very informative and supportive.” - Patient

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