The Burns Centre is open 8am until 8pm.  
Telephone number: 0121 333 8964

Burns logo, Enzo the dragon. The Burns Centre treats children of all ages who have suffered all types of burn injuries.

The purpose-built centre opened in February 2007. It treats babies, children and young people up to the age of 16 from the East and West Midlands, although it can also take care for youngsters from across the UK.

The Burns Centre is known for its excellent care, expert staff and superb facilities to treat all burn injuries, from minor to very serious.

It is a self-contained centre, which means that everything that patients with burn injuries need is there.

There is an out-patients area for children who have minor injuries or have been allowed to go home but who need to return to have their dressings changed. They may also need to receive therapy, which helps recovery. This is also where you come to see the consultants when you have been discharged.

The Centre has its own operating theatre; a high dependency unit, where a patient receives constant care from a nurse; an adolescent room, where older children can chill out, and a play room where there are lots of toys for younger children.

There are also two assessment rooms, where children have their injuries assessed or their dressings changed. Lots of different dressings are used and the best one suitable for you will be used.

One room contains special machinery called a Laser Doppler. This measures how deeply the burn has penetrated the skin. It does this by placing a camera over the burn and does not hurt at all.

Sometimes it hurts to have dressings changed, so patients can be given medicine to help with the pain beforehand to minimise the discomfort.

If the burn injury is more serious, a patient may need to go to theatre for assessment, application of dressings or a skin graft. This is when a healthy piece of skin is taken from one part of the body and placed over the burn area.

Splints, dressings or pressure garments may also have to be fitted over the wounds to enable the skin and tissue to repair properly. Patients can choose from a wide variety of colours

 A pressure garment is a special piece of clothing – such as a vest, glove, sleeve or sock – that has to be worn 23 hours a day. It helps to reduce scarring, swelling and itching and helps to flatten any scars. There are many different colours to choose from.

All of these procedures may seem scary, but nurses and doctors can explain exactly why they are doing them and what benefits there are.

There are many professionals who work in the Burns Centre, not just consultants, doctors and nurses, but occupational therapists; physiotherapists; play specialists; psychologists; dieticians; domestics and many others.

It is a major team effort to help children with burn injuries get better: Together Everyone Achieves More is the motto in the Centre.

Additional contact number:
0121 333 8965

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