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A lot of the children who come to the hospital need to eat a special diet, because there are certain foods they should not eat or because what they have wrong with them means they cannot eat whatever they would like to or what most children can eat normally.

We advise the doctors and nurses throughout the hospital about the best type of food and the amounts of food these children should eat. We often work out an individual plan for eating (a diet) to help these children, including babies, then instruct the doctors, nurses, parents and the child themselves (if they are old enough) in how to follow the diet.

We see over 2,500 patients every month. We have developed our knowledge in the areas of gastroenterology (stomach and bowel medicine), liver disease, cystic fibrosis, metabolic medicine (to do with the body chemistry), renal disease and diabetes. We teach doctors, nurses and families locally and have taught other health professionals all over the UK and from abroad. This includes teaching parents about complex feeds once their child is discharged so their diet can be continued at home.

We are responsible for the Special Feed Unit. This produces all special feeds for infants and children in hospital using strict hygiene and quality control procedures, approximately 300 bottles daily.

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