Ear, Nose and Throat

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We see children with a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions as outlined below. We also work closely with allied areas within the hospital including audiology, speech and language therapy, radiology, PICU and respiratory medicine.

Our range of interests includes:

- Hearing loss
- Implantation otology including cochlear implantation and bone anchored hearing aids
- Rhinology and anterior skull base surgery
- Paediatric airway disease
- Congenital and acquired head and neck lesions
- Adenotonsillar disease and obstructive sleep apnoea
- Drooling surgery

Common operations


All children get sore throats occasionally. In the past, it was common for children to have their tonsils removed. Doctors now realise that not all children need their tonsils out - but some still do. Children who get really bad sore throats time after time or who have trouble breathing in their sleep might have a tonsillectomy.


Most children with simple glue ear recover without needing surgery but if problems continue and the child is having problems with hearing, it may be necessary to have an operation to put grommets in the ears. These are tiny ventilation tubes inserted in the eardrums. The child can go home the same day.

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