KIDS (Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support)

0300 200 1100 - Referrals

KIDS Office - 0121 333 9687

KIDS coordinates the transport of very sick children between intensive-care units in children's hospitals all over the region.

Advice for health professionals about KIDS

This service is responsible for coordinating all West Midland Referrals for PICU.

All referral calls should come through to this number, and not the individual PICUs.

On telephoning the service, an administrator will record some basic details:

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s DOB
  • Presenting condition
  • Preference of destination PICU
  • GP and postcode
  • Referring hospital
  • Referring department
  • Referring doctor and consultant
  • Contact telephone

You will the be asked to replace the handset, and after no more than 10 minutes you will be telephoned a PICU Transport Consultant. They will take a history and give any necessary advice regards stabilising the child. If the child requires transportation to PICU this will be arranged to a suitable bed.

You will not be required to find a PICU bed, this will be undertaken by the coordination centre who will be monitoring local intensive care capacity continuously.

Children who require a primary transport, for a time-critical transportation for neurosurgery should still be transported to PICU by the referring hospital. Please however still refer this child to the coordination centre in order to receive paediatric intensive care advice, access specialised services, such as neurosurgery, and for the PICU bed allocation process to take place.

You will always be speaking to a PICU Transport Consultant within ten minutes whenever you telephone the acute referral line.

Click here to visit the KIDS website.

Merger with Neonatal Transfer Service (NTS) at Birmingham Women’s Hospital

From Friday 1 July 2016, the Kids Intensive Care Decision and Support service (KIDS) at Birmingham Children’s Hospital has merged with the Neonatal Transfer Service (NTS) at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. From this date, there is one service and a central 24/7 telephone number for all neonatal and intensive care transfers in the region:

0300 200 1100

All calls coming into this central hub (based at Birmingham Children’s Hospital) have 24 hour consultant support.

In addition, the joint service has three brand new ambulances to transport poorly children and babies between hospitals as needed, which further enhances and improves the patient/family experience.

This merger is part of the wider integration plans for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Birmingham Women’s Hospital, to become one NHS foundation trust by early 2017.

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