Midlands Hearing Implant Programme

Telephone number: 0121 204 3830

The Midlands Hearing Implant Programme Team are located at the nearby University of Aston campus.

The Midlands Hearing Implant Programme is here for children and young people who have a permanent hearing problem, and can’t hear well enough with hearing aids or easily hear sounds to learn, listen and talk. We see children from soon after they are born through to 16 years old.

Young people older than 16, can be seen by our adult team, who are based at University Hospital in South Birmingham – their website can be found here:www.uhb.nhs.uk/hearingimplants

Cochlear Implants

Most of the work we do is with cochlear implants. A cochlear implant is a special type of hearing aid which has 2 parts. It has an inside part which is put in during an operation by our doctors, called Consultant ENT (ear, nose and throat) Surgeons. The outside part helps the inside part to send ‘sound’ to the brain and help people to hear. 

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