Won't I get bored?

In some ways, we hope you do - because that means you are getting better! But we don't want you to stay bored.

Your parents can bring in your favourite toys and games with you, so talk to them about what you would like to pack. If you are staying with us for more than a week or two and it's not in the holidays, the school staff will come and see you about carrying on with your school work.

We encourage your parents and family to visit as often as they can. The Arts Department often has creative things for you to do during your stay. The wards have TVs and radio, but you can also bring in your own portable entertainment devices such as an iPod. (If it runs off main electricity, it will need to be checked - ask about that on the ward.) And in many cases you can walk around as you get better, perhaps visiting the Play department or the restaurant with your parents.

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