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As a charity we support every area of the hospital and we know that many of our supporters may have a personal connection to a particular ward or department. If you have an interest in supporting a specific department or ward of Birmingham Children's Hospital you now have an easy way to directly support some very deserving patients and staff.

We need the public to give us what they can, so we can do what we do even better.

Every year, over 257,000 sick children from across the UK are treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Many face incredibly difficult circumstances.  Their stories of courage, determination and hope are truly amazing.  

Our medical and nursing teams provide the best possible treatment and the very highest standards of care, but we want to do so much more for the children who rely on us.

We cannot do this without your help. By supporting Birmingham Children’s Hospital you will be making a real difference to the lives of thousands of children and families, when they need it most.

Our fundraising website will tell you more, or you can ring 0121 333 8506 for further information.

Gifts in Wills

A great way to help support our Hospital is to remomber us in your Will. Visit our Gifts in Wills webpage to find out more.

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