Visitor services

We aim to make you feel welcome. This list isn't comprehensive, so please ask on the ward if you have any more questions.

Cash machine: There is a cash machine by the main entrance. There are also several cash machines nearby at the end of Steelhouse Lane heading into the city centre, which are free.

Chapel and Meditation Rooms: Many of our visitors need a place for quiet thought and spiritual comfort. The chapel and meditation rooms are on the first floor. Our chaplains are available for people of all faiths or none 24 hours a day.

Child and Family Information Centre: Contains information about children's medical conditions, development, support groups, accident prevention and general childcare. 

Education Centre: Has seven separate rooms with PC links and display screens, as well as a large lecture theatre. The hospital runs many conferences and meetings for staff and visitors alike.

Fundraising Hub: If you want to give a donation or have an idea for raising funds for the hospital, the fundraising reception is near the main entrance and the staff there will be glad to help you. 

Internet Access: There is internet access 

Medical Library: Stocks all the major journals relating to paediatrics (children's medicine), as well as offering a wide range of online facilities, for medical and nursing staff.

Parent Accommodation Services: Parents can stay with their child 24 hours a day on our wards. We have accommodation in the hospital or in nearby Ronald McDonald House, and PAS will allocate places depending on a families' needs.

Post Office: The nearest post office is just round the corner from the top of Steelhouse Lane, in Corporation Street. The hospital snack bar sells books of stamps.

Restaurant, snack bar and coffee shop: The Restaurant is open weekdays from 7.30am to 7.45pm and at weekends from 8am to 2.30pm. It serves hot meals and drinks as well as cold food. It's located downstairs from the main corridor, close to the main entrance. The Costa Coffee, near the main entrance, offers coffee, tea and hot snacks, and cold snacks. It's open from 7.30am to 7pm weekdays and from 8am to 7pm at weekends. There is also Coffee Cart in the Conservatory (turn left along the main corridor from the main entrance and go up one flight of stairs at the end), which opens from 7.30am to 2.15pm seven days a week and sells hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Taxis: You can phone for a taxi from the main reception.

Welcome Desk: At the main entrance. Reception staff will be glad to direct you. Volunteers are often on duty here, and can take you to a ward.



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