Frequently Asked Questions - After Your Treatment

If you have spent a long time in hospital, say several weeks or longer, then it starts to feel a lot like home. We try to make it as much like home as possible, so your time in hospital is as pleasant as it can be.

But that can mean that going back home once you are well enough is a bit like leaving the place you felt at home in, to go back to a place you haven't seen in a fairly long time.

This is natural. Your family and friends will help you to get used to home again, and it won't be long before your time in hospital seems like a long time ago. You will probably have to come back for a check-up or for more treatment as an outpatient, so going home isn't the last you will see of the hospital. But your home is where you belong once you are well - and it will feel like that very quickly after you get back.

Your doctor will tell you about the treatment before you start any, and how soon it will make you better.

If you need surgery to make you well, it might be possible to tell just after the operation or it might take a few days.  For conditions needing medicines to treat, it might take some time before the effects of any treatment are known.

If you have had a general anaesthetic or a strong medicine, these can make you feel sick before you start to get better, so don't be disheartened if you start out feeling worse!


This is what we want you to do, but only when you are well enough. The doctors and nurses don't want to keep you at the hospital any longer than they have to, but how long you need to stay depends on what was wrong with you and how well the treatment has worked. Your doctor or the nurses will say when they expect you to go home, and explain if there is anything they need to keep you here a bit longer for.

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