Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Ready

The Children's Hospital is in the city centre, which means there isn't much space nearby for lots of cars to park. We do have some car parks and we do charge for parking. Your parents might be able to get a reduced price here if you need to come and see us a lot. There is also parking nearby on parking meters.

For some conditions, such as if cancer is suspected, the wait will be very short, a week or two. For others you might have to wait for several weeks. This includes areas like physiotherapy. A children's hospital is a very busy place and there are always lots of children with things wrong with them who need to be seen: but you should not be kept waiting so long that your illness becomes unbearable or makes you very ill. If your parents are worried about the wait, they can ring the number given in the appointment letter if they have one, or they can ask PALS to look into it for them.

You can expect to be told all about what treatments you will be having, whether you will need any tests like an X-ray or a blood sample, and whether you will need to come in for an operation or come back for further checks. If you are having an operation, the pre-admissions team will talk to you and tell you about your operation.

You will be told about not eating or drinking for a certain time before you come to hospital if you are going to have a general anaesthetic or some procedures. Usually this means not eating a full meal for several hours beforehand, and not drinking for a shorter time before you come to the hospital. If you are in any doubt, ring the number in the appointment letter or speak to your doctor or nurse if you already know who they are. Eating well is important, both before you come to hospital and after your treatment.

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