Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous

Hundreds!  We are one of the largest children's hospitals in the country, and we see children from all over the country and even from abroad. It's fair to say there are very few conditions we don't treat. If you have something wrong with you, you first of all need to see your GP. They will then decide if you need to come and see us.

This all depends on what is wrong. For some things, like a broken arm, you probably won't need to see the doctor more than once or twice, but you might need physiotherapy for a while longer. For others, like leukaemia or some heart conditions, you will need to see the doctors, nurses and teams of people who are trying to make you better for a long time - sometimes for years. What is important is that we all want to make you better, so you are well enough NOT to see anyone  at the hospital again! But we need to be very sure you are as well as you can be. Your doctor or nurse will tell you if they need to see you again.

Most appointments to be seen by the doctor are in the main outpatients department, and most doctors hold set clinic times during the week when they see the children they have appointments for. These run from about 8.30 in the morning, all the way through the day until after 4.00 in the afternoon.  The outpatients staff will be glad to advise you and your parents about what times are available, and so will the doctor's secretary. The phone numbers to contact are given on the letter sent out for the first appointment. Your appointment might not be in the main outpatients, but again the letter sent to your parents will have phone numbers on so that they can change the appointment time if it is not convenient.

If you are coming in to stay with us for a while, you will be seen by the doctors or nurses who are going to look after you on the ward. For many things, you might get to see the pre-admissions team, who will talk to you and your parents about coming into hospital, or there could be a liaison nurse who will meet you in a consultation room and talk about your treatment, explain things to you and your parents and reassure you about anything you are worried about.

If you are visiting us just for the day (on Surgical or Medical Day Care), you will be seen on the Day Care Units. If you are coming in to see the doctor or nurse and are not going to stay on a ward, you will be seen either in the main Outpatients Department, or as an outpatient in the department of whoever is looking after you (such as the Eye Department, or Physiotherapy).

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