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We are constantly working to make your experience at our hospital great and your feedback helps us understand what we are getting right and which areas we need to improve.

To make things as easy as possible we offer you a number of ways to tell us what you think. One of these is our feedback app, but if you’ve not downloaded our app yet, you can tell us what you think by leaving your feedback below.

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pr week awardsIt’s now easier than ever before to give feedback about your experience at Birmingham Children's Hospital, thanks to our award winning mobile phone app.

The free app revolutionises the way we can receive and respond to feedback and is the first of its type in the NHS.

It has been designed to make it quicker and easier to send your thoughts and comments directly to the ward or area you have visited with the simple click of a button. It could be about a good experience you've had or something that you think we could improve.

Public Service Awards winner

You may be waiting in Outpatients when you leave a comment, or you might be an inpatient sending your third or fourth comment. You might even be at home just after being discharged - the app gives the flexibility to feedback at any time.

The message goes directly to the manager in charge so it can be addressed straight away, and as part of our commitment to openness and transparency, we publish the feedback and our responses here on our website in real-time* for other patients, families and visitors to read too.

*To protect patient confidentiality, feedback received out of office hours is stored until the next working day to ensure that personal details aren't shared online in error.

Let us know how we're doing and if there's anything we can do to improve the care you or your child is receiving.

Our new app, Birmingham Children’s Feedback, allows you to rate and comment on all aspects of the service you receive in our hospital.

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  • Message
    Fri 23 Jun 2017 11:42am

    Hi I feel that my daughter is being messed around by the hospital 3 times her appointment has been cancelled by yourself we are waiting for important test and feel that this is not been taking seriously I need to get her seen so we can have a catch up as it's been over 6 months now and someone with hydrocephalus that was not the care plan I received

    Ward 10 is the department
    Melanie sharp

    Daughters name : Shelby Fisher

    Please get in touch with me

  • Message
    Ward 7 (Medical)
    Thu 22 Jun 2017 1:51pm

    The staff were very accommodating and nice, the past few days have been made more enjoyable because of the nurse's and staff's treatment of me

  • Message
    Ward 7 (Medical)
    Thu 22 Jun 2017 1:38pm

    It was fun

  • Message
    Ward 7 (Medical)
    Thu 22 Jun 2017 1:33pm

    It was quite hot but I like the food and drinks

  • Message
    Ward 7 (Medical)
    Thu 22 Jun 2017 1:30pm

    It is a good ward to be on, nice and kind staff and they look after you really well and comfortable in front of them

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