Visiting hours

Parents and carers are welcome at all times, as are brothers and sisters.

We encourage parents to stay for as long as they can. Folding beds are available on many wards so a parent can sleep next to his or her child.

If more than one parent wishes to stay at the hospital, there might be space in our parent accommodation. Please see Where to stay for details.

Other visitors 

Friends and other relatives are welcome to visit after 10am. There is no set restrictrion on how many people can visit at any one time, though we do ask you to ensure you are not getting in the way.

Mobile Phones

You can use your mobile phone in most areas of the hospital. In wards where there is equipment that might be affected by your phone, there will be notices asking you to switch it off.

Remember that if you are also bringing in a phone charger, it will need to be checked by our electricians before you use it.


Visitors with colds, coughs or other infectious diseases should check with the ward first, and preferably not visit until they are well.

Some wards, such as PICU and those with isolation areas, have restrictions on the number of visitors and visiting times, so please check with the ward first.

Cleaning your hands

Visitors should always clean their hands using the hand dispensers before coming onto the ward.

Our services

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