Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital

We are incredibly proud to have been the focus of the Channel 4 television series which gave a never seen before insight into our 'Outstanding' hospital.

Millions of people have enjoyed following our inspirational children and families on their journeys with us.

We opened our doors for the first time to give production company Dragonfly full unprecedented access to our wards and departments. The filming captured life at our hospital and the series told the stories of many children, young people and their families and showed the expertise of our teams that care for them.

As well as giving you a glimpse into our world, the programme also picked up the stories inside family homes as they continued their recovery and talked about their experiences. It was an uplifting exploration and celebration of what it means to be a parent - and a child - in Britain today. The show also gave you a chance to join families at moments of high emotion where there were be tears and tantrums, but lots of love and laughter too.  

To ensure the filming was unobtrusive as possible we arranged for over 80 of the latest in mobile and fixed camera technology to be fitted so that our staff, children, young people and families could go about their days without worrying about the presence of cameras.

More than 50 of our expert hospital team, ranging from emergency consultants and some of our top surgeons to specialised nurses, technicians and clinical child psychologists featured too, as they care not just for our patients, but the emotional wellbeing of their loved ones too.

Thank you so much to all of our families and staff who agreed to take part in the series.

Meet the stars of Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital


Dr Benjamin Stanhope

Ben is one of the senior doctors in our Emergency Department and usually leads on trauma admissions


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Dr Tina Newton

Tina is our Trust lead for Major Trauma and manages everything from minor illnesses to critically injured children


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From our Emergency Department to discussions around the dinner table, the series discovers what it really means to be a parent through testing and also truly life-affirming moments.


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