How we help get you home – planning for home bedside charts

What’s it all about?

  • The chart should be used to speed up the discharge process once a child or young person has been declared medically fit enough to go home. These can be used by ward managers, nursing staff and parents.
  • The Interactive ‘Planning for Home’ Chart speeds up the process of the discharge plan in the 7 days before the Estimated Discharge Date (EDD). This means the length of the child’s or young person’s stay isn’t longer than it needs to be.
  • The chart allows the children, young people and families in our care to see what needs to be done. It also helps them be involved when planning to return home.

So how does it work?

  • The child or young person’s first name goes on the chart. If it isn’t there, please ask for it to be written on asap
  • Nursing staff and families should discuss the chart when a child or young person arrives on the ward.  It should be explained the chart is there to help them see and understand the actions needed to get home
  • Let them know they can ask questions about the journey at any time
  • If an action is not relevant, please mark it N/A
  • We appreciate the EDD may not yet be set. Please enter an approximate date if this is the case
  • Please explain why an EDD has changed if it does
  • If the child or young person is not going home but somewhere else for more treatment, please use the chart to map their departure from Birminghams Childrens Hospital 

Why do it?

  • Earlier Planning: The main objective is to make sure discharge planning is done as early as possible and prevent delays near to the EDD. This chart is designed to help prevent this
  • Children, young people & their families: This shows their EDD more clearly and also what needs to be done to get them home
  • Hospital benefits: Those in our care go home sooner, unnecessary delays are prevented and beds are made available for others sooner

How do I find out more about it?

  • Contacts: Ward 2 – Lesley Johnson, Ward 9 – Janette Turberville-Greenley and Ward 12 – Tracey Dawson
  • Sharing Feedback –
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