The recruitment journey into Birmingham Children’s Hospital

How your journey might happen once you take the first steps to joining Birmingham Children's Hospital. 

This page gives you an overview of the recruitment process and possible timescales and is a brief outline of what you could expect to see once you have decided that Birmingham Children’s Hospital is the place for you to start your new career.

Step one - Search all of our available vacancies

Submitting an application:

  • Read the guidance on NHS Jobs about how to submit an application
  • Think about what makes you stand out and how you can highlight what makes you great
  • Ensure that you complete the application form in full and to the best of your ability
  • Make sure that your application is specific to the post you are applying for

For our latest vacancies see the NHS jobs website

Once a post has  closed we ask our managers  to shortlist within 7 days.


Step two - Interview process

The interview panel will be made up of at least two members from the team you will be working in and is an opportunity for us to get to know you, to understand your skills and to discuss your experience. On some occasions this process will be in more than one part.

Once a post has been shortlisted we aim to give you at least 10 days notice for interview if you have been successful.


Step three - Pre-employment checks 

If you are appointed, you will be required to undertake the following:

  • DBS Check
  • Occupational Health Check
  • Reference History
  • Qualification check  
  • Right to live and work verification

We ask you to return all required paperwork to us within 7 days and will then process all required checks which usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

If you’re are appointed into the role we will issue your offer letter within 2 days of receiving the required paperwork.


Step four - Becoming a member of Team BCH

The final steps:

Once you have received your final offer from us, we will liaise with your new department to arrange a start date and you will be booked onto our Trust Induction for a full understanding of the importance of working at Birmingham Children's Hospital.


For our latest vacancies see the NHS jobs website

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