At Birmingham Children's Hospital, we have a number of laboratories performing a variety of tests and procedures to help find out what is wrong with you, how poorly you are and how we can make you better.

Our labs also help with our research and are important in improving techniques for the future.

Our laboratories include:

  • Clinical Chemistry carries out a wide range of tests to find out what’s wrong with you, or monitor your progress, based on levels of chemicals in the blood or urine: For example, in Diabetes which alters sugar levels in the blood.
  • Haematology look at the levels of blood cells (called blood counts), which often are a sign of things going wrong, and at the properties of blood such as how long it takes to clot. They will also do cross-matching of blood, to find out what blood type someone has so they can be given blood safely.
  • Histopathology examines samples of tissue (biopsies), anything from checking a removed appendix to possible tumours, either to confirm everything is as it should be, or to help reach a decision about what kind of treatment would be best.
  • The Microbiology lab will look for infections: bacteria or viruses. The results will then show which treatment is best to use, and help prevent infection from spreading (Infection Control).

Each laboratory has its own phone number

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory:
0121 333 9912

Haematology Laboratory:
0121 333 9867

Histopathology Laboratory:
0121 333 9833

Microbiology Laboratory:
0121 333 9812

If you stay in hospital, and often when you visit as an outpatient, you will be asked to give a sample – either blood, urine, saliva or a tissue sample (known as a biopsy).

Your sample can be used to test for a wide range of things: to find out what is wrong, monitor your treatment or to rule out things that could be causing problems.

All of these samples are examined in our laboratories.



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