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The Oncology department treats cancers in children. Doctors working in Oncology work with teams in several parts of the hospital, but most Oncology patients will be treated on Ward 15.


0121 333 9282

Additional contact number - 0121 333 9283

Oncology and Haematology Outpatients sees children with cancer who are well enough to stay at home and come into hospital for their treatment or for a check-up.

We treat around 180 new children with cancer, leukaemia, and brain tumours each year from within the West Midlands, Northampton and surrounding areas.

We offer specialist bone marrow transplants, haemophilia (bleeding disorders) and haemoglobinopathy services which also see children from all over the UK.

We also see children with retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye), as one of only two hospitals doing so in the country.

We work with many other teams of doctors and nurses in the hospital. Our team includes doctors, nurses (on the ward, in clinics and in the community) Sargent Social Workers, psychologists play specialists, teachers and pharmacists.

We see children and families at home, in the ward, in the outpatient clinic and in local hospitals.

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