Partnerships and opportunities

One of the world's leading child healthcare providersWe are proud to be one of the world's leading providers of paediatric care and are always open to partnership opportunities, whether they are regional, national or international.

We are a go-to Trust for UK and overseas organisations because of our vast experience and expertise in hospital planning and design, healthcare consultancy, financial management and support, clinical governance and patient and family engagement.

Overview of Birmingham Children's Hospital


Birmingham Children’s Hospital is extremely proud to be a world leader in paediatric healthcare, delivering some of the most advanced treatments, complex surgical procedures and cutting edge research and development. We are one of just four standalone children’s hospitals in the UK, situated in the second largest city in England, with a population of six million. Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe with under 25s accounting for nearly 40% of the population.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital provides the widest range of children’s health services for young patients in the West Midlands and also one of the leading providers in the UK and internationally, with over 257,000 patient visits every year.

Our world leading services include:

  • Nationally designated specialist centre for epilepsy surgery
  • Regional trauma centre delivering the best outcomes of all UK children’s hospitals
  • International centre of excellence for liver and small bowel transplants, complex heart conditions and heart surgery
  • A leading centre for the treatment of burns, cancer, liver and kidney disease
  • Home to the largest Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in the UK with a dedicated Eating Disorder Unit and Acute Assessment Unit for regional referrals


Research: Shaping excellent care for tomorrow

researchWe are proud of the cutting-edge research we carry out at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Providing excellent care and facilities is central to all that we do, but we are also committed to helping find cures and better treatments for our young patients both now and in the future.

We are the National Institute for Health Research’s (NIHR) lead centre for paediatric research into rare diseases, which affect less than one in 100,000 children. As experts in this field, we have ambitions to create a dedicated rare diseases facility that meets and exceeds our requirements and those of the national commissioning strategy.

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The experts behind our success

Birmingham Children’s Hospital is home to some of the world’s leading clinicians, including:

Professor Kelly
Professor Moss
Mr Brawn
Mr Bill Brawn
Cardiac Surgery
Mr Barron
Cardiac Surgery
Mr Sharif
Mr Khalid Sharif
Liver Surgery
Dr Morland
Prof Barrett
Endocrinology / research


If you would like explore to any partnership or commercial opportunities with Birmingham Children’s Hospital, please contact:

Matthew Boazman, Director of Strategy
Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham
United Kingdom, B4 6NH
0121 333 9999

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