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Find out the latest from the contributors featured in our documentary series Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital. You can also catch up on the latest episodes by visiting All 4.  

Episode 10


Awais finished his leukaemia treatment in December 2016 and is doing really well. He comes back for regular checks ups with his consultant, Dr Motwani and has also returned to school full-time. He’s happy to be back at school and is now focusing on getting up to speed with his classmates.  


Anaaya is recovering well after being diagnosed with diabetes, and learning to live with her insulin pump. The 15-year-old still visits us, while going about her daily activities and studying for her GCSEs.

Episode 9


Rosie is continuing to do well and has been in remission now since April 2017, but still comes back to visit Dr Motwani for regular check-ups. The five-year-old is happy to be back at school full time with her classmates and is proud to have been voted onto the School Council. When she isn’t running around the playground, Rosie enjoys spending time with older brother Jonah at their karate lessons.  



Rebecca has been steadily improving her fitness and wellbeing since having her stent procedure. She initially suffered a knock back in her recovery after recently being diagnosed with coeliac disease. However, Rebecca is making great progress this year, winning the under-18 Javelin International Throws Competition in Portugal this summer. Now in her final year of college, Rebecca is hoping to train as a paramedic having just finished work experience with our KIDS/NTS ambulance service.


After enjoying her prom, Ellise is now a confident young adult working in a care home which she absolutely loves. With the help of her family and friends, she’s feeling better than ever and thinks it’s largely down to talking about how she felt. She wants to encourage other people to share their emotions, rather than keep them bottled up.

Episode six: Growing up Fast



Isla is growing up fast, she is now crawling and starting to explore the world around her. She isn’t currently wearing her ocular shells, but this is something that her parents may explore again with her in the future. She still goes with mum to see a visual impairment support worker in Rotherham every week and is coming on leaps and bounds; playing hide and seek with her sister and making mum and dad laugh with her cheeky sense of humour. 


Jensen is continuing to do well after his stem cell transplant. He still sees Dr Lawson once a month to check on his progress, but things are looking positive. The family are enjoying spending less time at the hospital and more time at home having fun as a family and Jensen is now walking and loves getting into mischief with his brother Riley.


Codi has now had the plate removed from his leg and is able to run around without any problems. He’s even been able to join the school football team, something that would’ve been impossible before the operation. He now only has yearly appointments at the hospital to check there aren’t any problems and that the foot is still in the correct position. 


Lily’s finger is now completely healed and she is back to enjoying her favourite hobbies; dancing, swimming and playing outside with her friends.


Episode five: Great Expectations


Matthew and familyThe search is ongoing to find a suitable kidney donor for Matthew, but the family remain as determined as ever and potential donors from around the world are coming forward all the time to see if they are a match. Matthew is now using a new dialysis machine that has given him more energy and allowed him more freedom. He’s even been able to have his first ever sleepover at his cousin Holly’s.  

If you would like to find out more about organ donation visit the NHS organ donation website or get the facts on being an altruistic organ donor in this NHS information leaflet.


Mollie has made a full recovery after her accident and is back to her usual self. She has now turned 13 and is looking forward to spending the summer with her friends and family, always looking both ways before crossing the road. 


Rebecca has recovered well after her accident. She is now back on her beloved horses and recently qualified for two of the most prestigious riding competitions in the UK. A new horse, Ebony, has joined her two other horses, Hattie and Bobby in the family’s stables.


Dean has fully recovered after choking on his dinner and is happily back to tucking into all his favourite foods. When he isn’t enjoying mum’s cooking he loves watching his beloved football team, Chelsea.


Episode four: Teen Spirit

Image of Jack and his mum and dad Jack

Jack’s brain surgery has not had an impact on his epilepsy as originally hoped and sadly his seizures are ongoing. He has two more operations planned for later in the year. Despite his ongoing condition Jack has just finished his GCSEs, having been too unwell to take them previously, and is looking forward to going to Reading Festival this summer with his friends.


Renè is still considering a future bone marrow transplant, but for now she has transferred from Birmingham Children’s Hospital to an adult care hospital where she plans to continue her treatment for sickle cell anaemia. She is close to finishing a course in Health and Social care at college and is thinking of pursuing a future career in the NHS.


Just a few months after his visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to have his dislocated arm fixed Rodi went on to dislocate it again while play fighting with a friend. He has an operation planned to put pins in place it to prevent it from happening a third time. He has just finished his GCSEs and is looking forward to starting college.


A week after her accident Evie was back at school and back to normal teenage life. She is now fully recovered and while her mum Holly continues to allow her to have her independence, they are both still wary of further mountain bike adventures for the time being.

Episode 3: Stepping Up


Lucas' Mum, MeriamSince Lucas passed away, his mum Meriam, dad Ian and sister Emma have slowly been rebuilding their lives without him. They miss and think about him every day, but always try to make the most of life, remembering that ‘today’s special moments become tomorrow’s wonderful memories’.


Chelsea’s treatment is ongoing, she is doing well and she still has regular appointments with Dr. Milford and other staff at the hospital’s Renal Unit. She is now back at school and in her spare time she enjoys playing doctor, dressing up in one of her three doctor's outfits.

EmanEman and Mum, Shafak

Eman had a kidney transplant in November last year, a week after her 8th birthday. The transplant was a complete success and her life has been transformed. She can now drink as much water as she likes – in fact now mum Shafak has to nag her to drink more! She’s already planning a career as a teacher, doctor or singer.


Ellese’s hand has fully healed and she’s back on her scooter – although there’s still work to do on keeping it upright. She is looking forward to spending more time with her Dad and the rest of her family over the summer.

Episode 2: Fitting in


Tijana and mum, OlgaTijana is now 18 and wears her prosthetic eye as and when she feels like it. She will soon be transitioning from the Children's Hospital to adult care so will have to say goodbye to AJ and the rest of the staff in the Optometry department. She's looking forward to a summer of holidays, clothes shopping and going on coffee dates with her friends and plans to start at The Royal National College for the Blind in September.


Alex has changed his name to Oliver. He is working with the Gender Identity Development Service at the Tavistock and plans to start hormone replacement therapy when he turns 18.

He recently started at a new school, which he loves and is considering going into the creative arts in the future. He's still finding plenty of time for his family, recently visiting Pride Birmingham with his mum and continuing to listen patiently to all of his dad's jokes.

Lily-GraceLily-Grace with parents, Charlotte and Dan

Lily-Grace's lip has healed brilliantly well, she is walking and has started to talk. She has regular check-ups for her hearing and speech and, as long as they develop normally, she won’t need any further surgery until she is 7 or 8 years old.


Episode 1: Like Father Like Son


Charlie has continued to make a fantastic recovery following his liver transplant. He is feeling completely back to normal and is working hard at school studying for his GCSEs next year (in between cricket sessions). Dad, Chris, is also in excellent health and happily back to eating full roast dinners.


Josh and brother, MichaelJosh's treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia is ongoing and his condition is stable. He is feeling happier, and he and Michael share memories of their mum every day. He is now in year 9 at school and Michael is still working with him on his attitude towards homework!

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