Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

To provide outstanding care and treatment to all children and young people who choose and need to use our services, and to share and spread new knowledge and practice, so we are always at the forefront of what is possible.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of healthcare for children and young people, giving them care and support – whatever treatment they need – in a hospital without walls.

To help us do this, we have six strategic objectives which focus us on where we are now and what we want to achieve in the future.

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Our Values

Our values

We know that organisations which have strong values and behaviours do well and that employees are engaged, happy and motivated in their work.

We’ve worked closely with staff to develop and embed our values in all that we do at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and we will continue to ensure that they underpin the way we care for our patients and each other.


Our patients and families will trust us to have the skills, knowledge and ability to look after them properly and deliver the very highest quality of care.


We will show commitment to achieving the very best possible outcomes for our patients and families.


We will always be friendly, approachable and alert to what our patients and families need, no matter what time of day.


We will always have the courage to stand up for what is right, raise concerns, challenge the status quo and improve care at all times.


Whatever the needs or beliefs of our children, young people and their families, we will always do all we can to tailor their care and make their experience a good one.

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