Remote reporting of Incidents/ Risks for Birmingham Children’s Hospital

This page is for staff members who work for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to be able to access our in-house incident reporting and risk register system whilst they are not at a Trust networked computer.

If you are a staff member who wishes to report or manage incidents or risks from your mobile device or PC, please use the link below to access the Safeguard system.

You may first see this warning, if you do so, please click “Yes”.

allow pop ups image

Depending on the security settings on your device, you may see a security warning. Select the “Trust this site” checkbox, click “Always” and then “Trust”.

Security alert image

You will then be taken to the BCH log on page. Enter your BCH network username and password and click Log On.

log on image

You may be prompted to download and install components to use the service. This download is optional. You can continue without downloading, but this will give a slightly different look to the page.

Some devices will skip this stage and you will be taken straight to the Safeguard login page. Sign in again with your Trust Username and Password.

Safeguard login image

You can then access the new incident form, manage existing incidents you have access to and manage the risks on your risk register.

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