What do our staff think?

We regularly ask our staff whether they would recommend our hospital as a place to work and to be treated.

According to our staff Friends and Family Test:

90% of our staff would recommend us as a place to be treated to friends and family

71% of our staff would recommend us as a place to work to friends and family

What our staff say about us

There were hundreds of positive comments from our staff but we picked out some of our favourites to give you an idea of how our staff really feel about working at our hospital.

“The hospital is world class and outstanding in its provisions for patient care.”

“It’s an amazing place to work. I'm surrounded by inspiring colleagues who wish to provide the best possible care for our patients and families. There is also a fantastic team ethos.”

“The quality of care that is provided is great.”

“Great staff dedicated to providing the best treatment for patients.”

“It's a lovely environment to work in and the majority of staff are lovely too.”

“Supportive friendly environment with lots of opportunities to progress.”

“I think the hospital has a really positive culture.”

“Although I've only worked here a short time, I feel like I have always been part of the team. Staff are so friendly and welcoming.”

“The staff are viewed as a genuine asset to the organisation. The Execs do appear to listen!”

“It is a great place to work and continuously looking for ways to improve things for staff and patients.”

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