What the Radiology team do

Our Radiology team is made up of number of people with a variety of different skills:


We have a team of diagnostic radiographers who are specially trained to take images of children and young people to diagnose any injuries or disease. They use a range of techniques such as x-rays, fluoroscopy, CT and MRI. They are an important part of the Radiology team.


Sonographers are radiographers who have been specially trained in ultrasound scanning.

Consultant Radiologists

Consultant radiologists are doctors who have specialized in radiology. Their job is to interpret the images that the radiographers take and report their interpretations back to the doctor who has asked for the images.

Admin team

Our admin team are responsible for coordinating radiology requests from different departments, booking appointments and sending out reports to the referrer

Radiology Support Workers

Radiology support workers help the radiographers and sonographers, which enables the smooth running of the department.

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