Eating after treatment

Eating well is vital - but feeling sick isn't unusual

Being in hospital can do strange things to your appetite. Food seems yummy. Then it seems yucky. Sometimes you feel as hungry as a dinosaur. Sometimes you don't.

If you have a general anaesthetic, or some drugs such as chemotherapy, these can make you feel sick after the treatment, and you might not feel like eating anything or you could actually be sick a few times for a short while.

We understand that. But we also know that eating well will help you get better. 

Here are some things it could help to know:

  • The hospital provides all your food free-of-charge. You can choose what you want from a menu each day.
  • If you need a halal, kosher, milk-free, gluten-free or other particular diet, tell the staff on the ward.  We will sort it out for you.
  • There is food for babies too. The kitchen provides mashed vegetables. You can also ask for shop-bought baby food on the wards.
  • Snacks are provided between meals – things like milk shakes, squash, fruit and biscuits.
  • If you are hungry between meals or if you miss a meal because of treatment, tell ward staff. The kitchen can cook something especially for you.
  • If you can't eat your food, tell someone. We can help. You might need a different kind of meal. We will get it for you.
  • Your family is welcome to bring cold food in for you. We're sorry hot food is not allowed (we have to stick to hygiene rules).
  • You can keep snacks in the cupboard by your bed.
  • If your treatment includes eating a special diet, a dietitian will help work out what the very best foods for you to eat while in hospital and after you go home are.

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