Getting home quicker

Once you've had your operation, you'll probably have had quite enough of being in hospital and be desperate to get home.

But the doctors won't let you go home until you're well enough, so what can you do to leave hospital quicker?

If the operation you've had means you need physiotherapy – physical help to get a hurt or damaged part of the body moving properly again – it is really important you do the exercises you're given. If you don't do the exercises, or don't do them often enough, your body will take longer to get better.

Some people are not allowed to eat or drink after surgery on the tummy. After your tummy has had a rest, the doctors will decide when it's time to eat and drink again. But if you are allowed to, you should eat and, especially, drink plenty. Again, your body will heal faster if you are giving it what it needs, which is liquid and nourishment.

Once you feel you can get out of bed and walk around, do so. Walk or use the play room or area on the ward a little more each day to build up your strength.

But however much you want to go home, you will probably know yourself when the time is right. It's when you start to feel "normal" again – when your energy and appetite have come back. The doctors and nurses looking after you will see this and that’s when they'll agree that you are well enough to leave hospital and go home.

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