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How you can contribute after your treatment

Once your treatment is finished, that needn't be the end of your time with the hospital. For many, it is only the begiinning - and in a very positive way.

There is an  active youth club (and a special forum for young people called a YPAG), if you feel you want to make a real difference and have a say in how the hospital does things.

If you are over 10 years old, you can become a member of the hospital. This means you get to hear about important changes the hospital is thinking of making, and have a say in how the Council of Governors is run.

Many patients and their parents go on to raise money for the hospital, often to give to the particular ward or department which helps them. The Fundraising team would be happy to hear from you and talk over any ideas you might have for raising funds and helping other children and young people like you.

For some conditions, the hospital carries out research. The Medicines for Children Research Network is based at the hospital, and the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility runs research trials encouraging patients to take part. Ask your doctor or nurse about whether your condition is one where your experiences can help in research.

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