Coming back for a check-up

Once you have had your operation or procedure and have been sent home. you might need to come back to the hospital as an outpatient.

This means you are visiting the doctor who treated you, or some of the team, in the main Outpatients Department at a set time so they can see how you are doing, perhaps by carrying out more tests. Your and your parents will be sent a letter which tells you the time of the appointment.

You might be asked to bring a sample of your urine with you to Outpatients, or you might have some of your blood taken so that it can be analysed. If a change to your medicines is needed, the doctor might change your prescription so you need to go the Pharmacy to pick these up before you leave (the Pharmacy is near to Outpatients).

The Outpatients Department has toys and games for you to play with while you wait. There is also a coffee and snack shop, run by the League of Friends, which sells drinks and hot and cold food when Outpatients is open.

Outpatients can be a busy place! But the rooms where you meet the doctors are located off to the sides of the main waiting area, and on arrival your parents will need to take a ticket and go to the reception desks when their number is called out.

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