The recovery room

As soon as the doctors have finished doing your operation, your bed will be wheeled into the "recovery room", which is next to the operating theatre where the operation was carried out.

This is where you will wake up, nice and slowly, from your special sleep.

While you are waking, a specialist recovery nurse will be with you the whole time, making sure you're okay and checking that when you're fully awake you're not hurting anywhere. If you are, the nurse will make sure you get some more medicine to make the pain stop.

The recovery room has quite a lot of equipment in it. Don't be worried when you see it – the equipment is there to help tell doctors and nurses how you're doing.

As soon as you are awake, the nurse will call your mum or dad or other grown-up into the room so they can be with you.

You will be in the recovery room for about half an hour; or a bit longer if you've had a big operation. After that, a nurse will take you back to your ward, where you will continue to get better from your operation.

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