What to pack in your suitcase

When you're thinking about what to pack in your hospital suitcase, imagine you're going for a sleepover or off on holiday, because you need to take the same sort of things.

You want hospital to feel like home, so pack all your favourite books, DVDs, toys and photos of your family, friends and pets.

Here's a tick list to jog your memory:

  • Your favourite outfits. You won't be in bed all the time; you might be able to go shopping or out for a meal with your family. There's also the Play Centre and garden in the hospital.

  • Your night-time clothes. Pack your pyjamas or nightie and dressing gown and slippers.

  • Washing things. Put in your toothpaste and toothbrush, flannel and favourite soap and a nice soft towel. Don't forget shampoo and a hairbrush or comb.

  • Toys and teddies. You'll get lots of time to read books, draw or paint and play with your toys and computer games, so pack the ones you love most. You can take dolls and teddy bears, games including Play Station games, Nintendo DS consoles, iPods, laptops, music and DVDs. There is WiFi in the hospital so you can speak to your friends. You can bring your laptop with you.

  • Extra special things. You can take photos of friends, family or your pet with you. You can also take things like a special pillow or blanket.

  • School work. If you are going to be in hospital for a few weeks or longer, you may need to take school books with you.

  • Medicines and things. Ask you mum or dad or other grown-up to make sure any medicines you are taking are packed in your suitcase. They will also need to send your red Personal Child Health record book (if you have one) and any social security benefit books.

  • A bag for your parents. Remind your mum or dad or other grown-up that they need to pack an overnight bag for themselves, in case they want to sleep at the hospital with you.

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