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Common questions asked by patients and families

Q. What is a pre-admission appointment?

A. It's where you come into hospital to meet a nurse who will help you and your parents prepare for your operation. We will help to make sure you ready, mentally and medically, for your operation and that you know what you're supposed to do on the day.

Q. Do I have to attend?

A. Yes, because we want to make sure you are fit for your operation and that all the proper arrangements have been made. If everything is in place, it's less likely your operation will be delayed or cancelled.

Q. Can the pre-assessment be done over the phone?

A. If you live a long way from the hospital, pre-assessment can be sometimes be done over the phone. Please call us to see if this is possible.

Q. Where do I go for my pre-admission appointment?

A. We are in the Outpatients Department. If you walk in through the main hospital entrance, immediately turn right and you will see a sign saying Outpatients Department. Then ask for us at the help desk.

Q. What happens if I can't come to my appointment?

A. Please call us and we can rearrange your appointment to a better time for you. Let us know as soon as possible so that we put someone else into your old slot.

Q. Can I eat and drink before coming to my appointment?

A. Yes, that's fine. You're only coming into hospital to prepare for your operation. But we will chat to you about what happens on the day of your operation, which includes being limited to what you can eat and drink.

Q. How long will my appointment take?

A. About 40 minutes.

Q. Is there anywhere to park?

A. There is a patients' hospital car park and a nearby NCP car park. Click here for further information.

Q. Do I have to bring anything?

A. Make sure your parents or other grown-up brings your red "medical book" and any medicines you are taking.

Q. Can I bring my brothers and sisters?

A. Of course. They are very welcome. If they are very young please try to bring along a friend or family member to look after them. This allows us to focus on preparing you and your parents.

Q. Do you do Saturday appointments?

A. Occasionally, yes. Please call us if you want to find out about the dates and times of our Saturday clinics.

Q. How early and how late can I come in for my appointment?

A. The earliest appointment is 8.30am and the latest is 7.30pm.

Q. I haven't told my child about their operation. Can this be done during the pre-admission appointment?

A. We are always open and honest with children. If you want us to, our nurses can explain to your child what is going to happen to them.

Q. My child is too young to understand what the operation is about. Does he/she have to come in?

A. Yes. The specialist nurses will need to meet your child in order examine them, take height and weight measurements, make sure they are fit for surgery and carry out any necessary tests.

Q. How will I go to sleep for my operation?

A. Please see below for leaflets explaining "special sleep" for younger children and teenagers.

Q. Will I wake up during my operation?

A. No, you won't. Please see below to find out more.

Q. Will the operation be painful?

A. No, it won't. Please see below for more information.

Q. Will I have to stay in hospital overnight when I have the operation?

A. This will depend on the kind of operation you're having and how fit you are. We'll be able to answer this question during your pre-admission appointment, so please remember to ask us when you come.

Q. If I have to stay overnight after the operation, can Mum or Dad sleep with me on the ward?

A. Yes. This can easily be arranged. Just get your mum or dad to speak to the nurse.

Click on the links below for a selection of downloadable PDF attachments which provide information about anaesthesia for children and young people.

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Anaesthesia Story3.32 MB
Anaesthesia Guide for Young People310.67 KB
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