Your pre-admission appointment

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If you are going to have an operation, you will come into the hospital beforehand so that you and your parents can find out more about what will happen during your stay.

We understand that coming into hospital can be a bit scary, so your pre-admission appointment will help to make you feel less worried. You'll be able to visit the ward where you'll go, meet the nurses who will chat or play with you to find out if you're anxious about your treatment, learn more about what it'll be like in hospital and ask any questions you want.

We also need to make sure that you are fit for your operation. If you need any tests, we can do them and if you need to see a specialist doctor about any medical conditions you need to have checked, we can arrange that. If we think you need to see an anaesthetist (a doctor who organises your special sleep just before the operation and wakes you up at the end), we can also sort that. We'll make sure, too, that you'll have the right medicines to take home so that you're not in too much pain.

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