Making friends

Hospital might not be the first place you would go to make new friends, but for many youngsters that is what happens.

Some kids become best mates over the course of their treatment at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

You might meet someone who has the same condition as you. If your illness makes you feel lonely at times, then that can be cool.

Or you might simply find yourself hanging out with people you like a lot. (In hospital, there's plenty of time for hanging out.)

You will be with other children on the wards or while you wait in outpatients.

There are other ways of making friends too:

  • The playground (on the ground floor by the Play Centre) is open all the time. Make sure you take a grown-up with you.

  • The Play Centre is open to anyone between 1pm and 4pm. Sometimes there are organised activities like cooking and painting.

  • There is a youth club that meets on a Tuesday for both outpatients and inpatients aged ten or above. Ask at the Play Centre for details.

  • There are Brownie and Guide groups that meet on the wards. Ask the ward manager about this.

  • There are movie nights once a month in the lecture theatre with popcorn and coke. Bring an adult with you.

And remember, being in hospital doesn't mean losing touch with your friends from home. They are welcome to visit you during your stay.

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