Burns Centre

You will come to the Burns Centre ward if you have suffered a burn injury.

You may only have to stay one night, but some children have to stay for much longer so that the doctors, nurses and other members of the burns team can help them to get better.

The centre opened in 2007 and was designed with the help of patients and their parents.

There are open spaces and lots of windows, with patterns in the floor and art on the walls. In the hospital, part of the Burns ward is known as the "cheesy wedge", as it juts out of the building and is yellow in colour – just like a cheese triangle.

If you come to the Burns Centre ward, you are likely to have a bed in a large room, called a bay, with three other children or babies. It is bright and spacious with large windows that overlook a busy main road.

On the ceiling are starry lights, which change colour all the time, and there is also a large bubble lamp in one corner.

If you have very serious burns or are older, you may stay in a room on your own, which is called a cubicle. There are three of these.

Although you may want to make friends with the children you are sharing with, there will be times when you want your own space. If you want some privacy, for whatever reason, you can draw the curtains around your bed and no one will be able to see you.

You get your own cupboard next to your bed where you can store your things, such as toys and books to stop you getting bored. There are some televisions and DVD players on the ward.

If you are well enough, you can play in the play room. This large room is full of toys, colouring equipment, books, TV and games. It also has large windows that are at the perfect level for children to see out of.

Older children can chill out in the adolescent room, which comes complete with large lava lamp and rope lights. Here you can watch TV or a DVD, play on the PlayStation, have a game of table football or compete in a board game.

Your parents can stay with you all day. If they need a snack or a rest, they can go to the parents' room, which has a kitchen. There is also a shower room for them on the ward so they can freshen up and change their clothes.

One parent can stay with you at night, too, and sleep in a fold-up bed that gets put away during the daytime. Both parents may be able to sleep in parents' accommodation on the second floor of the hospital or in Ronald McDonald House, which is special accommodation behind the hospital for parents.

Food is very important because it helps you in your recovery. You can choose what you want to eat from a menu and your meals will be brought to your bed on a trolley. It's like having a take-away delivered to you. You can either eat in bed or at a table in the middle of the ward.

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