Clinical Research Facility

Clinical Research is about finding new medicines and ways to treat people with different conditions.

What is Clinical Research?

Before a medicine is given to humans it is thoroughly tested to make sure that it is safe. Children’s bodies are very different from adults’ and medicines can work in different ways depending on how old you are. We need to do research with children to see how new medicines or treatments will work on them.

Not all of our research involves medicines however. Sometimes we just want to look through the notes that your doctor keeps about you to see how things change over time. Or we may want to do a special scan of your body to check how your bones are developing.

If you come to the Research Facility it will probably be because you and your parents have decided to take part in a research study. This doesn’t mean that you are ill – you may be fit and healthy and are helping us compare a healthy body to one that may not be working so well. Or you may have a condition like diabetes or asthma and would like to try a new type of treatment to see if it helps you.

Our research facility

The Research Facility is a very bright and cheerful place. Our play room has lots of toys and games for you to play with while you are waiting to be seen and there is an interactive floor projector where you can practice your dance moves! The first time you come here it may only be for a short visit while a doctor or a nurse tells you about the research we are inviting you to take part in. We may check how tall you are and see how much you weigh and may also listen to your heart to check that you are okay to take part in the study.

Another time when you come in you may have to stay for several hours or even spend the night here. This will be so that we can see how your body reacts to any medicine we give you over several hours. We have a small ward area with two day beds which are like really comfortable arm chairs, and four normal beds. Two of these are in their own rooms and they all have curtains you can pull around if you want your own space. There are lots of DVDs and computer games to keep you busy as well as our fantastic Starlight TV robot.

Our staff are very friendly and love spending time with the children they look after. We are always happy to talk to you and your parents about any new studies that you may like to take part in.

Further information

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