Intensive Care - PICU

The Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is where you come when you need to be looked after the most.

Some children and young people come to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) immediately after an operation because they need a lot of care and attention to help them get better again.

When you are in Intensive Care Unit (PICU) you will always have a nurse with you. They make sure you are never left on your own.

There are lots of machines in Intensive Care Unit (PICU) that light up or make strange noises. It may seem scary to see them all around you, but don't be concerned. Each one has a special job to help you get better.

The nurse or doctor will explain what each one does to help reassure you.

All these machines do the jobs your body would normally do when you are well. It means your body has only to concentrate on getting better because it is getting help to carry out other important functions.

Your mum and dad, or other grown-up, can stay with you all day and night, if you want them to.

They can sit in an armchair right next to your bed.  At night, they can either sleep in Ronald McDonald House, which is behind the hospital site, or there are some parents' bedrooms on the second floor of the hospital, which is very close by if you need them.

Intensive Care Unit (PICU) also has a parents' room. They can go to the kitchen to make themselves something to eat and drink or rest in the sitting area. There is also a shower, where they can freshen up, and a toilet.

You may want to bring some of your own things into hospital to help you feel more comfortable.

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