Neonatal Surgical Ward

Telephone number: 0121 333 9022


The Neonatal Surgery Ward is for new babies, including those who were born prematurely or who are ill and need an operation to make them better.

It is also known as the Neonatal Surgery Ward.

Your baby be will in a room called a cubicle, which has one other baby in it, or a room called a bay, which has three other babies in it. There are also single rooms for infants who need to be on their own so they don't catch or pass on an infection.

There will be quite a lot of equipment around the cot, which might include monitors and machines that are used to feed your baby. But he or she can have toys or other special items in their cot. There is a cupboard next to their bed where these can be stored.

It is possible for you to stay with your baby at night. You can sit in a chair next to the cot and sleep next to your baby on a fold-up bed at night-time. Please note: only two visitors per patient are allowed at one time.

There is a parents' room on the ward where you can go to have a rest or make yourself something to eat and drink. There is also a toilet and a shower so you can wash and change.

There is an expressing quite room, too, so if you're feeding your baby, you can go and sit quietly with them here.

The ward has a high dependency unit (HDU) for babies who need extra special care. There is one nurse or more in the HDU at all times.

The doctors and nurses try to make life here as calm and comfortable as possible, so there is a "quiet time" between 2pm and 3pm each day. The curtains are closed, you and the staff have to whisper and no treatment is given unless absolutely necessary.

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