Surgical Day Care

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Surgical Day Care (SDU) is a ward for children who need to have an operation but do not need to stay in hospital for more than one day. 

Children come to the ward for a day for operations in: orthopaedics (to do with bones); ear, nose & throat (ENT), ophthalmology (eyes), general surgery, urology (the bladder), dental, plastics (reconstructive surgery), and laser surgery (where a laser is used to operate on the skin, eg to remove birth marks).

We also care for children requiring investigations in a day.

What to bring with you

On the day of your admission please bring with you where applicable:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Your completed patient questionnaire
  • Any medicines that you are are currently taking
  • Your MRI safety questionnaire if you are having a scan
  • Your red health record book
  • If you are having an MRI scan, please don't wear any clothes that have metal on them, for example, jeans with metal buttons or babygrows with poppers on.

You must make sure that you arrive at the time requested and that you have not had any food and drink as directed otherwise there is a risk that your procedure may have to be cancelled.

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