Ward 1 (Kidney)

Kidneys are organs that help get rid of things the body doesn't need, mainly through your wee. Sometimes they don't work properly or they might have a disease. There are different ways doctors can sort the problem, including a transplant (giving you new kidneys).

The ward opened in February 2011 so it is very new. When you walk into the outpatient area, the first thing you see are pebbles, ripples of water and grass. But they're not real – they are photographic images on the floor. The floor was designed this way because children said they wanted to feel like they were outside.

There is a "light wall", which looks really groovy and is fun to play on. The wall is divided into squares and when you press them lots of different-coloured lights come on and make amazing patterns.

If you're having a transplant, you and your parents or other grown-up will visit the outpatient area quite a few times so that doctors can do tests and get you ready for the operation.

There is a nice big place to sit, with toys and games, while you wait.

The outpatient area leads to the ward where you will stay when you come to hospital for your operation or to have dialysis (being connected to a machine that helps your kidneys to work better).

The ward is decorated in a modern way. There is pale-coloured wood and the walls are painted in light orange and cream.

You will probably have a bed in an area of the ward called a bay, where there will be four other children. The nurses try to put boys with boys and girls with other girls. If you feel you want your own space, you can draw the curtains round your bed so no one can see you. To make it even more private, there is a glass window between your bed and the bed behind you, which you can make opaque (that means you can't see through it) by turning a switch.

All the bed units have foldaway beds stored in cupboards so your mum, dad or other grown-up can sleep next to you at night. They can also be with you all through the day.

There's a cupboard beside the bed where you can keep your personal things – your toys, your phone, snacks, books; whatever you want. There is a free pull-down TV over your bed. This has built-in digital channels and films and you can plug in your games consoles.

There is a really cool play area is in the middle of the ward. A light projector hidden in a hole in the ceiling beams down lots of games, such as painting and football, that you can play on the floor space. Even if you're in a wheelchair you can join in.

Grown-ups need to entertain themselves too. They have a parents' room on the ward which has a kitchen area, sitting room, TV and toilet and shower.

Glass doors lead off the main ward to the dialysis area, which is semi-circular and contains seven beds. If this is the treatment you need, you will come in three or four times a week for about three hours at a time, when you'll be connected with wires to a machine that helps your kidneys to work properly.

There is a moveable table on which you can paint or draw, and school and play specialists will come and work or play with you. There is also a free TV next to your bed with built-in digital channels and films.

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