Ward 10 (Neurosurgery)

Ward 10 is the Neurosurgery Department and you come to stay here if you have a problem with your brain or spine.

It may be because you've had a car or sports accident or you have a brain tumour, which is a lump.

Ward 10 looks after children of all ages. Some stay for a short time, but others can be here for quite a long time.

Others live mostly at home but come to the ward for a check-up or treatment. There is a special room on the ward where doctors and nurses carry out treatment.

You will probably share your room with other children. This is called a bay.

While you will probably enjoy making new friends with the other children in the bay, there will be times when you will want to be on your own or have some privacy. All you have to do is close the curtains that are round your bed.

Sometimes, when you've been ill, you have to relearn how to do certain things – such as walk or talk. This is called rehabilitation. An expert called a physiotherapist works regularly with many children on the ward, giving them exercises that they have to do to get better.

Staying in hospital can be boring at times, so there is a playroom here to help keep you entertained. It has a soft play area with plenty of toys and games, TV, sink and tables and chairs.

You may also want to bring in some of your own things from home. There is a cupboard next to your bed, where you can put toys, books, mobile phone and even snacks.

Your mum or dad, or other grown-up, will be able to stay with you day and night if you want them to.

During the day, they can sit in an armchair next to your bed. At night, one of them can sleep in a fold-up bed right next to you or they may be able to go to the parents' accommodation within the hospital or to Ronald McDonald House, which is a bit like a self-catering apartment for parents, next to the hospital.

Ward 10 also has a parents' room. They can go to the kitchen to make themselves something to eat and drink or rest in the sitting area. There is also a shower, where they can freshen up, and a toilet.

Food is very important to us on Ward 10! You will be able to choose what you want to eat from a menu and your meals will be brought to your bed on a tray. It's a bit like having a take-away delivered directly to you.

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