Ward 12 (Heart)

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You will come here if you're having problems with your heart. You might need an operation or that you may need to take some medicine to help it work better.

You will sleep in a bed that is on wheels and is electric so it goes up and down when you press a button. You will probably sleep in a room with some other children, this room is called a bay.

Your mum or dad or other grown-up can sit next to your bed during the daytime and one of them can sleep beside you at night on a fold-up bed. If there is space, they may be able to sleep in special bedrooms across the corridor or at Ronald McDonald house, which is very close to the hospital.

There is a cupboard beside your bed where you can keep your clothes and a box under your bed for toys and special things.

Your meals will be brought to you on a tray. You can eat your meals in bed or at a table in the middle of the ward. We don’t let people come and visit or doctors do anything at mealtimes so that you can enjoy your meal times.

All of the beds have a TV above them and we have a few PlayStations and X Boxes that you can plug in and use.

The paly room is called “The Den” and has lots of toys as well as a TV in a circular area called a Pod.

Some children who come on to Ward 12 might meet someone called a “play specialist.”  He or she will spend time with you, playing with toys or drawing pictures, to help you to express any worries you might have about your heart operation.

Sometimes children find it hard to describe exactly how they are feeling, but find it easier to let their feelings “talk” through painting a picture or playing with a doll or Action Man.

If your mum or dad want to have a cup of tea or coffee or even get something to eat there is a kitchen with a fridge and a microwave for them to use and they can drink or eat sitting next to your bed.

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