Ward 15 (Oncology)

This ward is for children with all kinds of conditions. It is split into three areas: high dependency unit (HDU)/stem cell transplant unit; main ward, and Teenage Cancer Trust Unit for teenagers. The ward has children of all ages and the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit is for teenagers.

The HDU is for patients who need close observation and also for those who require stem cell transplants.

If you come to stay in the HDU, you will share a unit with five other people. Each unit has its own self-contained bathroom and you will also have your own TV above your bed.

There is also a small area for parents with kitchen facilities. 

When you come to visit, you need to be buzzed into the ward/HDU and also the TCT unit and visitors must report to reception. Visiting on HDU is restricted to a parent and/or carer plus two others (so three people, maximum).

For young children:

When you come to Ward 15, you will share a room called a bay with other children, or you will be put into a side room if required.

Although it is fun to make friends with other children on the bay, there will be times when you will want to have some time to yourself or have some privacy. You can do this by closing the curtains that are round your bed.

Your mum or dad, or another grown-up, will be able to stay with you all day and night if you want them to.

When your parents need to have a rest, they can go to the parents' room where they can make themselves something to eat and drink or enjoy some quiet time in the lounge area.

At night, one of them will be able to sleep either on a fold-up bed or in the cubicle with you. There is also parents' accommodation in the hospital and Ronald McDonald House, which is very close by, where they may both be able to stay.

Sometimes, being in hospital can be a bit boring so there is a big play and activity room that you can enjoy whenever you want.

There you will find lots of toys and games and computers for children who need to do schoolwork.

You may also want to bring some of your favourite toys, games, books or mobile phone from home to keep you entertained. You can keep them safely in a cupboard next to your bed.

If you want to watch television, you will find a TV above your bed so that you can watch your favourite programmes.

Food is an important part of our day on Ward 15. You will be able to choose what you want to eat from a menu and meals are served in the activity room. Lunch is at 12.15pm and dinner at 5pm.

If you are in hospital when it's your birthday, the staff will organise a party for you with special food.


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