Ward 2 (Medical)

This is the ward you come to if you have respiratory (breathing) problems, neurology (brain) conditions, tummy problems or other illnesses such as chest infections.

Most of the children who stay on this ward are under the age of seven. Some older children come here if they have an infection and need a room to themselves so they don't pass the infection to anyone else.

But you'll probably share a room - called a bay - with several other children. Your bed will have curtains round it so you can draw them if you need privacy or time on your own.

Your mum or dad, or other grown-up, will be able to stay with you all day and night if you want them to. At night time, they can either sleep next to you on a fold-up bed that is put away in the daytime or spend the night in the parents' accommodation on the second floor of the hospital or in Ronald McDonald House, which is nearby.

While they are with you, they can also visit the parents' room on the ward, where they can have a rest or something to eat and drink.

Although being in hospital can be an adventure, it can be a little boring at times, too. So you may have your own television when you stay on Ward 2. It means you can watch TV programmes or cartoons.

There is also a playroom at the end of the ward. In it there are books and toys. You can play in this room if you are allowed to or you can take the toys to your room to play with and take them back when you have finished.

But you can bring in your own things from home, too, to help pass the time. There's a cupboard next to your bed where you can keep your personal things – your toys, books, snacks, whatever you want.

Talking of food, meals are very important parts of the day for everyone on Ward 2. You'll be able to choose what you want to eat from a menu and it will be delivered to the ward on a trolley. It's like having a take-away delivered right to you.

Our nurses and doctors will all work very hard to make sure that we can get you well again so that you can go home as quickly as possible.

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