Ward 5 (Surgical)

This is the ward where you stay if you've had an accident and need an operation quite quickly. Contact Number: 0121 333 9032

Additional contact numbers:
0121 333 9033
0121 333 9034

It is also where you come to have a planned operation and where you will stay for three or four days afterwards while you get better to go home again.

We care for children of all ages on this ward, so you might be sharing with babies, toddlers or young people up to the age of 16.

You will either have your own bedroom or you will share a room, called a bay, with other children.

When you stay on Ward 5, you have special bed on wheels that goes up and down when a button is pressed – a bit like a dentist's chair.

If you are in a bay and you want some privacy, for whatever reason, there are curtains that you can draw around your bed. 

There is a cupboard next your bed in which you can keep your own things, such as books, games and phone – whatever you want so that you don't get bored. You can also keep snacks in there.

Some beds have TVs over them, so you can watch your favourite programmes or a film on DVD. Others have TVs and games consoles brought to them on a trolley.

One of your parents, or another adult, can stay with you all day and night. There is room for one person to sleep on a fold-up bed next to you or they may both be able to stay in parents' accommodation on the second floor of the hospital or at Ronald McDonald House, which is very close by.

When grown-ups want a bit of a rest they can go to the parents' room, where there are comfy seats and a kitchen so they can make themselves something to eat and drink.

You can choose the food you want to eat from a menu and it will be brought to you on a trolley. You can either eat at your bed or on a table in the middle of the ward.

The ward, which is painted with underwater scenes, also has a playroom, with books, toys and games.

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