Paediatric Admissions Unit (PAU)

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The Paediatric Admissions Unit - PAU

The Paediatric Admissions Unit provides short stay, inpatient care to children and young people aged up to 16 years. The unit has 19 beds made up 16 cubicles and three bay beds. We look after children and young people with a wide range of medical conditions such as asthma, bronchiolitis, eczema and other general medical conditions, and also children with neurology, gastroenterology, oncology/haematology, endocrinology, surgical, and metabolic related conditions. We work closely with the Emergency Department, Medical High Dependency Unit and our Hospital @ Home team. At the end of your stay on PAU you will either go onto another ward or you will be discharged to home or Hospital @ Home.

Hospital at Home - H@H

The Hospital at Home service is located in the Paediatric Admissions Unit and provides care for children and young people in their own home. Being accepted onto the H@H service means you can be discharged early from hospital while remaining under the care of Birmingham Children’s Hospital. A Hospital consultant will still be responsible for your care and a team of experienced nurses will continue looking after you while at home.

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