Ward 7 (Medical)

This is the ward you come to if you have respiratory (breathing) problems, neurology (brain) conditions or gastroenterology (stomach) problems. It's a ward for older children, aged seven to 16, some of whom can stay for quite a long time.

Because of this, the ward has a special young persons' room, which has recently been given a new look. It includes many things that young people said they would like to have in it, such as comfy sofas, laptops and computer desks. There is Wi-Fi access, a TV, docking station and games consoles.

There is also a wide range of games and toys to make sure you don't get bored.

The James Brindley School (which is in the hospital) send teachers to the ward to provide and help you with school work if you are well enough.

When you arrive on the ward, you will be given your own bedroom or you will share a room, called a bay, with three other children or teenagers.

Although you may enjoy making friends with other young people in the bay, there may be times when you want to have some privacy or time to yourself. You can do this by closing the curtains that are round your bed. 

Your mum or dad, or other grown-up, will be able to stay with you all day and night if you want them to.

At night time, one of them can sleep next to you on a fold-up bed that is put away in the daytime or they may both be able to spend the night in the parents' accommodation, which is in the hospital, or in the nearby Ronald McDonald House.

While they are with you, they can also visit the parents' room on the ward, where they can go if they need a rest or would like a drink or something to eat.

Although the ward has lots of games and computers to keep you entertained, you will probably want to bring in some of your own things from home.

There is a cupboard next to your bed where you can keep things that are special to you, including books and toys. Some beds have overhead TVs, so you can watch your favourite programmes or a film on DVD. Others have TVs and games consoles wheeled up to them on a trolley.

Food is very important on Ward 7! You will be able to choose what you want to eat from a menu and it will be delivered to your bed on a trolley. It's like having a take-away delivered right to you.

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