Ward 8 (Liver and small bowel)

If your liver or small bowel, which help you to digest your food, are not working properly, you come to Ward 8 to be looked after.

You may have to have your liver or small bowel replaced with another one to help you get better again. This is called a transplant.

Birmingham Children's Hospital is well-known for its liver and small bowel transplants and is very good at doing them.

In fact, only two other hospitals in this country carry out liver transplants on children and young people and only one other does small bowel transplants.

When you come to Ward 8, you will either be given your own bedroom or you will share your room with other children. These shared rooms are called bays.

Because we care for babies, children and teenagers from all over the UK, as well as from across Europe, you have a great opportunity to make new friends.

However, there will be times when you will want some time to yourself or to have some privacy. You can do this by closing the curtains that are round your bed.

By the way, when you come to stay on Ward 8, you will have a special bed, which is on wheels and goes up and down when you press a button. It's a bit like operating a remote-control car.

Your mum and dad, or other grown-up, can stay with you all day and night if you want them to. During the day they can sit in an armchair next to your bed.

At night, one of them can sleep on a foldaway bed next to you or they may both be able to go to parents' accommodation in the hospital or Ronald McDonald House, which is very close to the hospital.

Grown-ups also have a special room by the ward. It has a kitchen area, so they can make something to eat or drink. It also has a television, sofa and a small table and chairs. The view's especially nice – the window looks out over a grassy area.

If doctors want to talk to grown-ups about your treatment, there are two counselling rooms where they can speak privately.

Sometimes, being in hospital can be a little boring. Because of this there is a playroom on the ward where you'll find books, games, art materials and small tables and chairs.

There will also be a television next to your bed and you can choose the programmes you want to watch.

But you may also want to bring your own things from home to keep yourself entertained. Next to your bed is a cupboard where you can keep your personal things – your toys, phone, books and even snacks.

Food is very important to us on Ward 8! You will be able to choose what you want to eat from a menu and your meals will be brought to your bed on a trolley. It's a bit like having a take-away delivered directly to you.

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