Ward 9 (Surgical)

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Ward 9 is a surgery ward, and boys and girls of all ages stay here. Most are here for between three days to a week, but some stay a bit longer.

When you come to Ward 9, you will probably be in a shared room with other children.

But you may need to be in a room on your own, called a cubicle. This will be decided when you are on the ward.

If you feel nervous about having your operation – or surgery, as it is also known – that's perfectly normal. But don't worry; there are special nurses here who will come and play with you and talk to you about how you are feeling. They are very good at understanding why you might be nervous and are even better at helping you overcome those feelings.

Your mum or dad, or another grown-up, can stay with you all day and night if you want them to.

During the day, they can sit in an armchair right next to your bed. At night, one person can sleep next to you in a fold up bed or they can go to the parents' accommodation in the hospital or to Ronald McDonald House, which is a bit like a hotel and is next to the hospital.

Ward 9 also has a parents' room so your mum or dad can go to the kitchen to make themselves something to eat and drink or rest in the sitting area. There is also a shower, where they can freshen up, and a toilet.

Hospital can be a bit of an adventure, but it can also be a little boring at times. So there's a play store with lots of toys and games in it. You can go and choose toys to bring back to your bed or a nurse will bring some to you. You should also have a television over your bed so you can watch whatever programmes you like.

You can also bring in some of your own things from home to keep you entertained. There is a cupboard next to your bed where you can keep your toys, books, mobile phone and even snacks. However, you may have to ask a nurse to check you can eat them, as sometimes you may not be able to eat or drink because of your operation.

If you are able to eat, you will be able to choose what you want from a menu. Your meals will be brought to your bed on a trolley. It's a bit like having a take-away delivered directly to you.

Protected Mealtimes

The ward has introduced protected meal times at 12pm-1pm and 5pm-6pm. During these times, patients must not be subjected to any clinical interventions, treatments or disruptions unless in a clinical emergency. Priority during this time is for the patient to eat and for this to be a positive experience.

Visiting will not be allowed during these times unless it is to assist with the feeding of a child. Televisions and games consoles with be switched off to allow the focus to be on the child and the food and drink they need.

Visiting times

Visiting on the ward is open visiting for parents and carers. Other visitors are restricted to two to a bed. Visiting times for relatives are 10am-12pm, 1pm-5pm and 6pm- 8pm.

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