Hussain's story

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Hussain is nine years old and has a heart condition that has needed three operations, the first when he was just one month old. The last operation he had was in 2010, when he was eight. We meet Hussain and his mum and dad to find out how he's getting on.

Hussain's mum was really shocked when she found out he had a heart problem when he was still in her womb. His problem is that one of the chambers of his heart did not develop properly.

He's come to the hospital to be checked out after having the last in a series of three operations. The operations have taken some of the pressure off his heart and he will now have to wait until he's 15 or 16 years old before it's known whether he has to have another operation. But so far, so good!

The hospital has helped Hussain and his parents to understand his condition and what procedures have been carried out.


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